The latest WaveLight® Excimer Laser system is a further development of the proven ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Excimer Laser technology, integrating many new functions for fast, safe, and reliable refractive laser treatments. Its design has been ergonomically optimized to combine it with the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser and surgical diagnostics within the WaveLight® Refractive Suite.

PerfectPulse Technology® ensures high precision and safety for optimized treatment results 
The 500 Hz WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser‡ is the world’s fastest excimer laser today. Increased efficiency through the WaveLight® algorithm and the faster laser head results in less stromal dehydration of the cornea during treatment, reduced sensitivity to patient movements, a more comfortable procedure for the patient, and optimized results.
Improved laser head technology results in an enhanced lifetime for the laser, yielding cost efficiencies for the center.
Enhanced beam path technology
» Completely sealed beam path to maximize energy stability.
» Enhanced optics to increase their longevity, yielding cost efficiencies for the center.
» A short beam path to maximize stable energy conditions, resulting in more consistent patient outcomes.
» Constant N2 flow through the beam path to maximize laser consistency and improve optics’ longevity.
» A fully integrated nitrogen generator replaces N2 gas bottle changes, resulting in less service costs and logistics for a more simplified operation. Improved space requirements result in an all-integrated look.
» The truly calibrated Gaussian beam profile results in optimized pulse overlapping and improved ablation surface quality. Beam profile diameter is 0.68 mm at FWHM for the complete treatment range.
» An optimized pulse pattern minimizes thermal effects on the cornea.
» Closed-loop energy control checks, designed to verify pulse energies at 3 different control points, automatically adjust the pulse energies throughout the treatment to maintain consistent pulse delivery.
» An integrated plume evacuation system is active throughout the entire ablation process to minimize odor exposure and assist in maintaining laser purity by preventing the absorption of fumes into the laser beam. Multidimensional 1050 Hz-type eye tracker, synchronized at 500 Hz, with 2 milliseconds latency time
Latest digital flying spot scanning technology for precise and position-controlled ablations.


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