Q. What is Glaucoma ?

Ans. Glaucoma is a condition or a group of diseases in which the pressure inside the eye remains at higher level damaging very delicate organ of the eye i.e. optic never. gradually leading to blindness, which can not be restored.

Q. What are the causes of Glaucoma ?

Ans. There are so many different causes of glaucoma. But patient with diabetes, previous eye injury, eye surgery, long term use of steroids are more prone to develop glaucoma. older you are the risk of glaucoma is more and also those who are having family history of glaucoma are more prone.

Q. Is it curable ?

Ans. No, it is not curable,expect for some secondary glaucoma’s

Q. When Should I go to the doctor to rule out glaucoma ?

Ans. If you are having above mentioned risk factors and if your age is above 40 you should examine your eyes for glaucoma.

Q. For how long I will have to take medical line of treatment ?

Ans. For life long – depending upon the causative factor

Q. Can my vision be restored after glaucoma surgery ?

Ans. No, once lost, vision can not be restored. only Surgery can help you to preserve the remaining vision

Q. Is there any relation of Glaucoma & Nutrition ?

Ans. No

Q. Is there any relation of glaucoma and spectacle number ?

Ans. Yes those patient having higher number of refractive error (plus or minus) are more prone to develop glaucoma.

Q. Is there any relation of glaucoma with any physical exercise or yoga ?

Ans. Yes, It has been proved that those people practicing.” Shirshasana” for more than 10-15 years are more likely to develop glaucomatous changes.