The SOVEREIGN® COMPACT Cataract Extraction System is an AC-powered device with a fragmenting needle intended for use in cataract surgery to disrupt a cataract with ultrasound and extract the cataract.

The SOVEREIGN® Compact System is a full-featured system in an affordable, space-saving package that ensures chamber stability through advanced digital fluidics. Designed for ease of use, efficiency and reliability, the SOVEREIGN® Compact system offers ELLIPS® FX technology, the total approach to lens extraction technology.

  • Advanced digital fluidics for excellent control and chamber stability
  • Continuously monitors and controls intraocular conditions for elegant cutting, even at 5% power
  • Programmable occlusion mode virtually eliminates surges, even at high settings
  • Enhanced user interface for ease of use
  • Easy one-touch prime and tune
  • Wide range of programmable power options


Enhances followability and effectively holds fragments at the tip end

Specially designed for smooth cutting and excellent efficiency—all without having to change your preferred technique

Delivers exceptional versatility, with curved or straight tip styles to match your preferred technique

Provides optimized frequency and longer stroke path 1.











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